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Wet Plate Collodion Workshops

A bit about the history of Wet Plate Collodion Photography.

The wet plate collodion Photography process is said to have been invented in 1851. Almost simultaneously by Frederick Scott Archer and Gustave Le Gray. During the subsequent decades many photographers and experimenters refined or varied the process. By the end of the 1860s it had almost entirely replaced the first announced photographic process, the daguerreotype.

During the 1880s the collodion process was largely replaced by gelatin dry plates—glass plates with a photographic emulsion of silver halides suspended in gelatin. The dry gelatin emulsion was not only more convenient but it could also be made much more sensitive, greatly reducing exposure times.

One collodion process, the Tintype, was in limited use for casual portraiture by some itinerant and amusement park photographers as late as the 1930s, and the wet plate collodion process was still in use in the printing industry in the 1960s for line and tone work (mostly printed material involving black type against a white background) since it was much cheaper than gelatin film in large volume.

The Wet Plate Collodion Workshop Experience.

Keith provides a one-day introduction into wet plate collodion photography. This is an experience you will never forget. It covers tintypes (wet collodion on tin) and ambrotyes (glass). We will do as many as time allows on the day.

Keith will cover all the necessary equipment, chemistry and processes in detail needed to create your own tintypes and ambrotyes.  This experience is designed to give you the necessary skills and confidence to work independently afterwards if you choose, or you can simply enjoy the experience of working with wet plate collodion.  Keith teaches by showing and allowing you to do the process using uncomplicated language, no questions are silly questions.

What makes Keith’s wet plate collodion workshop different

Keith has a vast amount of experience, a fully equipped studio, darkroom and Gallery in Saltburn by the Sea (one of North Yorkshires hidden coastal gems)…

Keith also has Dapper Dan a fully equipped mobile wet plate darkroom van allowing you to take the process out of the studio and onto location, wherever we can get the van you can shoot wet plate collodion.  This opens a whole new world of opportunity to shoot out of the studio.

Keith organises these workshops all over the country so stay tuned for the next location.

You can hire Keith and Dapper Dan to come to you.

Also, if you have a small party of people Keith can bring Dapper Dan, his fully equipped mobile wet plate collodion darkroom van to your location or favourite place.

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