Darkroom Weekend Workshop

Black and White Darkroom Weekend Workshop £195

This two-day darkroom weekend workshop provides a more in depth introduction to black and white film photography and darkroom techniques. The objective is to give you a good grounding and a base from which you can grow and develop with the confidence to experiment on your own. It is so important to learn how to assess the correct exposure of a shot so that each exposure on your film roll is accurate. Accurate exposures will make contact sheet printing easier giving you the best opportunity of making life as simple as possible in the printing stage. Keith will teach you how to process your black and white film and produce a contact sheet. Then he will introduce you to the art of darkroom printing showing you darkroom techniques such as how to dodge and burn and of course split grade printing. This will complete this darkroom workshop.

Price for the two-day darkroom workshop is £195 inclusive of 1 roll of black and white film, papers and chemistry.

What you’ll learn

Day one, darkroom weekend workshop

The darkroom weekend workshop runs from 10am to 4pm on both days. After introductions and a coffee we will go to Saltburn by the Sea to shoot 1 roll of Ilford black and white film. You will learn how to assess the correct exposure using a hand held light meter rather than the camera’s light meter and the reasons why. We will then return back to the darkroom where you will be shown how to process your own film. You will learn about the chemistry and the techniques of how to process your film.

After lunch you will create your own contact sheet using Ilford Multigrade RC paper.

Keith will also give you a greater understanding of what can be achieved using different chemistry timings and temperature. You will leave with your film processed and a contact sheet.

Day two, darkroom weekend workshop

On the second day of the darkroom weekend workshop we will look through your images on the contact sheet for you to choose an image you would like to print. Having chosen the photograph you would like to print you will proceed to create your first darkroom print. You’ll learn about the chemistry, how to create a test strip to ascertain the correct exposure on the enlarger. You’ll learn about paper grades and how to choose the correct one and we’ll also cover dodging and burning and finally split grade printing.

Throughout the weekend Keith encourages you to ask as many questions as possible so that when you leave you will have had a richly rewarding experience, going home filled with enthusiasm and eager to continue your journey being an analogue photographer and darkroom technician.

We use only the very best Ilford film, chemistry and papers in our workshops and keep our workshops to a maximum of three people to allow plenty of one to one time with Keith.

“The artisan art of analogue black and white photography is a beautiful, engaging process taking you on an addictive path to expressing yourself and creating an individual piece of art.” Keith Moss”

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